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Shop list

  • Tourist Japan
    Please leave your traveling plans in our hands!
    【Addr】8-20 Kakiuchi,Aioi,Hyogo,Japan
    【Close】Irregular holiday
    【Carpark】5 units
  • Stork Hill Golf Club
    High maintenance golf courses
    【Addr】1-25-1 Kouto,Kamigori, Ako, Hyogo,Japan
    【Close】No regular holiday
    【Carpark】150 units
  • Aioi Country Club
    A place that is enjoyable to both beginners and advanced golf players.
    【Addr】278 Nabano, Aioi,Hyogo,Japan
    【Close】No regular holiday
    【Carpark】150 units
  • Himeji Aioi Country Club
    We have Western and Japanese style dishes.
    【Addr】814-4 Mahiro,Yano-cho,Aioi
    【Open】11:00๏ฝž14๏ผš00ใ€€ ๏ผˆGeneral customer10๏ผš00๏ฝž14๏ผš00๏ผ‰
    【Close】No regular holiday
    【Carpark】40 units
  • Michinoeki Uminoeki Aioi Peironjo
    Local farm products, sea products, souvenirs and hot-springs
    【Addr】8-55 Nabaminamihonmachi,Aioi,Hyogo,Japan
    【Open】Special product store9๏ผš00๏ฝž17๏ผš30 Paleon Hot Spring10๏ผš30๏ฝž22๏ผš00(Final receptionist21๏ผš30)
    【Close】No(Hot Spring๏ผš every Tuesday)
    【Carpark】about 100 units

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